Hello I'm Malinda Scott I'm ready to get your career to the next level without it being over complicated, frustrating, or overwhelming!

The BYEC (Build Your Entertainment Career) program is an online Career building program designed for serious independent talent, such as Models, Actors, and Musicians trying to break in to the entertainment industry but having a hard time. 

This focuses on some serious branding, marketing, sales and media  techniques that have been proven to leverage many talent careers.  Its time to take your career to the next level and start getting the success you deserve just like all the other talent out there. It's time to start making a living doing what you love.

VIP|One on One Coaching

There is no better way to make sure you are working on what it is that your suppose to be work on and be accountable for what it is that you are suppose to be doing. You will get 8 weeks of one on one action, Through email support, Whatsapp communication, and 8 hours of one on one video calls. Everything will be tailored and customized to you and your situation to make sure you get to your goals with ease.

Market Your Brand Program

This Program is focus on getting media attention. Its goes into depth of building a marketing plan and planing a plan of action and getting results. This is for talent that just needs help getting their brand out there.  Throughout this Program, you will discover how to get the results that you want, how to stay productive and not overwhelmed, and gain exposure by connecting with your fans, booking more shows and get the media attention that you deserve.

I guarantee if you follow the step by step marketing system, it will become clear what it is you need to do. You will need to stay focused on your passion, goals, and strategies that you creating for yourself throughout this program and you will start to get noticed and get the results that you want!

Get Discovered

Looking for a talent management company that will manage the business and the media side of things while you focus on the creative side. We allow our talent to focus on what their good at and we spend time getting them in front of as many people as possible and introducing them to people that will launch their career to the next level. We create the team that our talent needs to be able to make it in this industry.If you would like to submit yourself for representation then please  click below and fill out the form. At this time we are only excepting submissions from Arizona.

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