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1-1 90 day Consulting/Coaching

Introduction: For those talent that are independent and are not looking for management but need help learning how to manage their their career as an independent talent.  

Benefits: Have a professional there to help you build your career and the ability to have someone always there to ask questions if you find yourself in a situation that you do not understand.

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8 week Entertainment Career Launch Program (self paced)

Introduction: For talent that are just starting out and want to launch their career from start to finish themselves at their own pace.

Benefits: Talent gets access to an online membership portal where you can work through the program.

Talent Management

Introduction: Talent that are looking for Management to help get the guidance that they need. Talent that want to focus on the creative side of their career and want to leave the business side to someone else

Benefits: Have a professional help you launch your career and pitch you to the professional that matter. We work on finding jobs and working with necessary people to launch your career. We work on the back in while we leave the creative side to you.